In a distance of 15km from the town of Lixouri lies the old Monastery of Kipouria. Its name is owed to the many gardens ("kipoi") tended to by the holy fathers for survival reasons. The Monastery is built in 1759, on the edge of a solid rocky cliff high above the sea. The founder of the Monastery was the Paxian Monk Chrisanthos Petropoulos and it is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin. In a short period of time it become a monk Monastery with the monk population reaching 80 in its peak years. Many distinguished clergymen emerge from this Monastery and with their spiritual work helped to develop this otherwise spiritually arid area.
In 1915 a French cruiser bombs the Monastery, mistaking its smoking chimney for an enemy vessel, Further destruction to the Monastery was delivered by the earthquakes in 1953. In 1964, reconstruction is limited to the Katholicon (main part of the church) while the remaining buildings are rebuilt during the 90's, with personal work from the only monk who lives today in the Monastery.

Within the Monastery one can worship the miraculous icon of the Annunciation as well as the sculls of the fouders of the Monastery, Chrisanthos, Konstantios and Efronios. A piece of the Holy Cross offered to the Monastery by the Russian Prince Vladimiros Dolgoroukis in 1862 is also kept in the Monastery. An elegant glass jar holds St Dimitrios' Myrovlitos holy myron from the 7th AC century. One can also worship various Saint's relics as well as saint Paraskevi's miraculous icon, a unique treasure of the destroyed Tafios Monastery.

The Monastery celebrates on:
a) March 25th, Annunciation of the Holy Virgin
b) 3rd Sunday of Lent, Holy Cross Worship Day
c) September 14th r, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, with devout vigil in the presence of the local Metropolitan
d) July 26th, feast day of Saint Paraskevi

From the Monastery's balcony one can admire and photograph the famous sunset. The majestic landscape of the Monastery which harmoniously combines the untrodden mountain with the virgin sea, is reminiscent of the "Caroulia" of Mount Athos. This in combination with its spiritual treasures constitutes the Monastery a supreme attraction for visitors.
We pray to God to lead the steps of devout souls to this blessed place so as to serve Him.

Monastery's telephone: 06710 91354